At present, the control of the supply chain has become the biggest challenge for the food industry to fulfill international standards. The presence of our office in Burma (Myanmar) provides us comprehensive access to manage the supply chain from down-stream to up-stream development. We source raw materials responsibly, direct from the growers and farmers, with a fair pricing practice. Our team at the origin country has extensive knowledge in crop handling, finding the right suppliers and the right products and dealing with local trading customs and culture. There is a continued sustainable development of food security relevant to the needs of each commodity chain.

Quality Control

We work very closely with growers and farmers. Our office in Burma (Myanmar) allows us the best selection from our sourcing network across the whole country ensuring that the supply quality meets the requirements of our tight standards and conditions. Our team at any origin country carries out quality inspections of each shipment in addition to appointing the third party superintendents. We always strive to add additional value for our clients. We apply self-audit systems for food safety based on HACCP principles and European regulations. Mountain Moonlight Intl. guarantees that the characteristics of our products comply with the legal limits and regulations of all the importing countries.

Product Traceability

Food manufacturers require a high standard and guarantee of “ product traceability “ from their purchase. We carefully archive and document our entire “ product traceability “ process. We carry out stringent quality controls starting from the purchase of raw materials, through the cleaning process and up to container loading. These routine practices assure the traceability of all aspects of our supply product. Our in-depth product knowledge and considerable experience of legal requirements of each importing country has provided all our clients great confidence while working with us.

Logistic Function

Our extensive expertise with shipping logistics and documentation is second to none. We appoint reliable shipping lines, freight forwarders and transportation companies to operate the shipments and deliver the containers in the most cost effective way. We run warehousing and storage capacity in all the origin countries to stock inventory of our contracts. This facility ensures we save on storage costs for clients and the shipments are delivered on time to the predetermined delivery schedule.


Mountain Moonlight Intl. always concentrates on diversification of new products and new sources to be able to provide alternative supplies for the performance of contracts. We collaborate with local communities, producers, customers and scientific experts to bring product differentiation into a conventional international trade. Our diversification development happens simultaneously with our core business activity, enabling a “ food security ” for the growth of demand around the world.


Mountain Moonlight Intl. controls all the processing in order to maintain its high quality of service for all its customers. Currently we are engaged in the implementation of a modern state-of-the-art cleaning plant in Burma (Myanmar). The plant will include a laboratory which analyses chemical, physical, microbiological and nutritional values.