Mountain Moonlight Intl. trains farmers and growers to practice environmentally friendly cultivations. We collaborate with government organizations, local authorities and farmers to promote well-balanced rotation of crops. We implement pollution prevention, waste minimization, recycling procedures throughout the crop handling process.


Food safety is of paramount importance to Mountain Moonlight Intl. We apply all the safety standards to our products through a transparent product declaration to our customers. We act responsibly in the way we inform and communicate with our customers while complying with all applicable global regulatory requirements.


Mountain Moonlight Intl. promotes fairer trading conditions and empowers farmers to combat poverty while strengthening their position in International Trade. We make sure that workers will have an improved quality of life and be able to take more control over their futures.


We apply good working environments and health and safety procedures in the workplace. Vocational and on-the-job training programs are available to all levels of employees. This enables up to date knowledge of food safety compliances and other opportunities for personnel development.